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Intoxicated by a sense of wonder for the future, and the distant past, Wolfgang lives in the Wolfgang Grulke space between the two.

His business career has been largely focused on the future, as an IBM executive, a world-renowned speaker and author, and currently Chairman Emeritus of FutureWorld International, a global think tank.

At the same time he has devoted much time to understanding the millions of years of life that stretch behind us. His life-long passion for the natural world has included marine biology, palaeontology, scuba diving, travel writing and underwater photography.

A consummate communicator and an inveterate collector, Wolfgang has established what is now regarded as one of the world’s premier collections on the natural history of heteromorph ammonites and nautiluses. Indeed, Sir David Attenborough was ‘truly lost for words’ on viewing this cabinet of curiosity.





Wolfgang Grulke’s Deep Time Trilogy Published by At One Communications
(ISBN 978-1-9160394-0-7)

BEYOND EXTINCTION: The Eternal Ocean. Climate Change & the Continuity of Life
(ISBN 978-0-9929740-2-2)

NAUTILUS: Beautiful Survivor. 500 million years of evolutionary history
(ISBN 978-0-9929740-0-8)

HETEROMORPH: The rarest fossil ammonites. Nature at its most bizarre

Wolfgang Grulke’s books on the future of business

Published by Financial Times/Pearson. Also available in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.
ISBN 978-0273653295

10 Lessons from the Future: Your future is a matter of choice, not chance.
ISBN 978-0273659488

Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out of the box, straight to the bottom line.
Both published by Financial Times/Pearson. Also available in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.


Beyond Extinction: THE ETERNAL OCEAN. Climate Change & the Continuity of Life

The ocean is the womb of all life on earth. It is beautiful and bizarre, violent and Beyond Extinction Wolfgang Grulkemysterious – a dystopian world where dragons are real, and monsters are commonplace. This book charts life’s ancient history of more than 500 million years and looks beyond the popular media focus on climate change and extinction to celebrate the continuity of life.

Refreshing to read an up-beat text instead of doom-laden messages.” Sir David Attenborough

“What a triumph! I have been studying the ocean all my life and I learned something on almost every page. An enchanting read.” Dr. Andrea Marshall, National Geographic Explorer

“An incredible and beautiful book.” James Lovelock, author of the Gaia hypothesis

Buy Online

Nautilus: BEAUTIFUL SURVIVOR. 500 million years of evolutionary history

The Chambered Nautilus is one of the oldest living things on our planet. Since the dawn of civilisation its form has inspired artists, designers and architects. Nautilus has survived nautilus-beautiful-survivorwhatever the world has thrown at it for more than 500 million years, persisting even as dinosaurs and many other life forms vanished. Now, however, some beli

Wolfgang’s natural history books share his passion and all-embracing sense of wonder, and reflect how nature is increasingly a source of inspiration for artists, architects, interior designers and product designers.

eve it could become extinct within a generation. This book celebrates the long history of Nautilus, its role in human culture and the realities of its life today.

Buy Nautilus online

10 Lessons From The Future: Your tomorrow is a matter of choice. make it yours

What will the world be like in the future? What markets will be threatened and which will boom? What will be the top 10 corporations? Why not ask the man who spends most of his life helping companies and venture capital firms imagine the future? It is no longer enough 10-lessons-from-the-future Wolfgang Grulketo learn from experience. In a warp-speed world we have to learn from the future.

Practical and inspirational. Highly relevant if you don’t want someone else eating your cheese.” Wall Street

“The cutting edge of what’s coming in the future”. Kate Bulkley, business media journalist, UK

“Wolfgang Grulke brings fresh ideas and a breath of thinking that is rare in today’s focused and specialised world – original and frame-breaking. I don’t often use superlatives, but they are deserved here” John M Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School.

Buy 10 Lessons from the Future online

Literary Festival and Conference Appearances

Hundreds of conferences world-wide in 30 countries.

Sherborne Literary Festival 2018 and 2020

Pitch to Festivals

Wolfgang Grulke is an author and collector, and a former IBM executive. He is perpetually curious about the future, and the distant past. He lives in the space between the two, in Dorset with his wife and two dogs.

With a background in business, technology, nuclear physics, entertainment, palaeontology and marine biology, Wolfgang is an exhilarating and thought-provoking thinker and speaker. He has been rated by the Young Presidents’ Organization as one of the best communicators at their events and universities. His Deep Time Trilogy has been nominated for the Best Non-fiction Book Series. The awards ceremony is in New York in May 2020.

Author Contact

To arrange an interview and/or a visit to the collection based in Dorset, please contact Wolfgang Grulke directly on or 07917 152115.


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