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Tanya Goodin


Tanya Goodin is an award-winning digital entrepreneur and founder of digital detox specialists Time To Log Off.

Twice a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and for the Blackberry Outstanding tanya-goodin-authorWomen in Technology award, Tanya was inspired to set-up Time To Log Off after a 20-year career working exclusively in the online world as research and evidence began to emerge supporting her belief that she was not alone in suffering from the adverse effects of a screen-dominated life. Her goal now is to help others discover, like her, the joys of regularly fully disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the real world. She helps adults disconnect from tech on digital detox retreats and talks to parents and children in schools about setting healthy boundaries around screen use.

Tanya is an Oxford English graduate and is passionate about yoga, mindfulness and introducing the digital detox concept to children who are increasingly immersed in the online world. OFF is her first book and she has been commissioned for her second.

Website address: AND
Twitter: @tanyagoodin AND @TimeToLogOff


OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life (2017)


OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life

Feeling frantic?
Lost without your phone?
Unable to relax or focus?
It’s time to switch OFF and reset.

We tap, swipe and click on our devices 2,617 times per day. We spend more time online than we do asleep. With so many ways to stay connected, procrastinate and distract yourself, it’s not easy to let go. This canny little bible will help you log off and wake up to less stress and more time. Enjoy real experiences, real connections and real happiness.off_tanya_goodin

Reset your boundaries with carefully crafted exercises, wise words and new outlooks.
Log off your social media. Turn off your notifications. Switch off your devices. And feel better.

Awards & Prizes: In 2014 Tanya was a finalist in the Media category in the ‘First Women’​ Awards. In 2008 she was a finalist in the Blackberry ‘Outstanding Women in Technology’​ Award and in 2007 a London finalist for the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’​ – also a semi-finalist in 2009.

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Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Tanya is a lively and engaging speaker with extensive experience of both individual talks (to audiences of 500+), panel appearances and on-stage interviews. She also has a long career history of TV and radio interview experience. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her subject of encouraging adults and children to put down their screens and re-engage with the real world. Testimonials for her talks can be found on her website and her on her LinkedIn profile;

Contact email: tanya@tanya[goodin].com (remove square bracket from email address


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