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Suzie Wilde


An only child born in Portsmouth when rationing ended, Suzie grew up opposite a cemetery. Thanks to librarians, second-hand bookshops, the grammar school and a determined mother, she got to London University and studied English, which she later taught before becoming a maritime researcher. Two marriages, three boats and many jobs later, she is now a full time writer, with a supporting cast of Labradors. Suzie takes long walks with them in the South Downs. This has become a place to which she feels intimately connected and where her themes of home and belonging were formed. Trying to share this with another audience, she contributes podcasts to Petersfield Community Radio with her suzie_wilde_authorweekly edition of Wilde Walks. Suzie also acts and runs a writing critique and book group.

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Sea Paths
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The Book of Bera, Sea Paths hardback pub 2017; paperback 2018,
Standalone, second book in the trilogy, Obsidian, published June 2019
Amazon or other bookseller links: Sea Paths on Amazon here
Obsidian on Amazon here



Sea Paths: Motherless Bera needs to grow up fast, learning how to be a woman, wife and stepmother, to fulfil her destiny as a Viking seer. How can she make her enemies pay their blood-debt and still save the ones she loves?
Obsidian: Bera’s black bead links to the heart of Obsidian. She must reach the Far North, steal the precious stone and stop the destruction she has foreseen. Old enemies also want the stone – to what lengths will Bera go to win it? A gripping Viking tale of one woman’s courage, fighting old and new gods amid the savage beauty of Ice Island.

Literary Festival Appearances

Chipping Norton Literary Festival 2017
Borders Festival 2017, 2019
Portsmouth Book Festival 2018, 2019

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

  1. Where do Ideas come from?  What if you think you have no imagination? Where to find inspiration and how to recognise it? How to keep on the rails whilst crafting the story and conducting further research? What forms might research notes take, and how do we use random sparks to create further story?
  2. How to write historical fiction with fantasy elements and make it authentic. Most readers don’t want a pastiche of Old Norse, or other language, so I discuss how to use dialect, family words, etymology, to forge something engaging yet still “other”.
  3. Presentation skills What to read, how to read it and why equipment matters. This is not only for authors. I will help any presenter convey confidence; choose and edit their best material and who to make friends with, besides give a few tips on using the equipment provided at the venue.
  4. How to succeed at sixty and other motivational themes. I was a debut author at 63 but also working class, inner city, with a childhood that was outwardly difficult but also rich and inspiring. My mother was brought up by a Victorian grandmother who taught herself to read and write aged 50, reading Zane Grey in the library. I encourage participants to mine their own and others’ experiences to invigorate their present lives.

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