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I have worked for many years as an addiction specialist. I hold the accreditation NCAC by The Federation on Alcohol and Drug Professionals (FDAP) as well as an accreditation by the Guild of Energists for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) At present I am employed by a clinic in Southampton. I also have a small private practice in Southampton. I am also blessed to have many years of continuing recovery myself. So in my books I talk about a Sarina Wheatman Authormethod of treatment and recovery that I teach to patients as well as use myself. I have worked in a variety of treatment centres in the UK, The Channel Islands, and Holland.

My first Book was written because I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of many people about the true nature of addiction. This ignorance leads to the stigma that is prevalent amongst society today. Most people coming to treatment feel an enormous sense of shame, for some this aspect of the disease keeps them away from seeking help. I would love to see a change in perception, hence the books. The term Twisted Wires refers to the many crazy aspects of the disease of addiction, certainly the mindset of the addict could be viewed as illogical, but the twisted thinking extends outwards to just about everything associated with this Mental Health catastrophe.

Mental Health illness’s are at present ‘enjoying’ a more prominent position in the consciousness of our country, however addiction continues to be the misunderstood sibling of all the illness’s. My passion is to be part of a change of perception. My other passions include travelling and discovering new and exotic places, as well as the beautiful world of gemstones and gem collecting. In another life I would train to be a geologist or jeweller. I love literature of course, and find old bookshops and their contents thrilling and exciting (!) I can get lost in the worlds of make-believe as well as get very serious about my research and subject matter of my books.

Author website: https://www.sarinawheatman.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarina.wheatman

Twitter: @SarinaWheatman 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarina-wheatman-bb605335/


Twisted Wires – Non-Fiction

Wires Untwisting – Untangling the World of Addiction – Non-Fiction

My Best Thinking – The Highs and Lows of Rehab – Fiction


My Best Thinking

My Best Thinking is the title of a fictionalised story about the ups and down’s of coming into Rehab for an addiction. There are 19 chapters and 44257 words in total.

The book charts the journey of our heroine Mimi, who finds herself in the treatment centre having driven herself there in a blackout. It describes her coming to and being horrified by My Best Thinkingthe realisation that the dents in her badly parked car could mean she has killed someone.

She is also horrified at being in treatment and continuously plots her escape. Her ambivalence at being in the centre changes gradually as she meets staff and other patients and listens to their stories of ‘hell and redemption’ which enables her to first of all identify and then become willing to work for the changes that everyone needs to make to find sobriety.

There are eight other characters in the book, all with different addictions which are explored at length. Their stories discuss things like alcoholism and drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling, eating disorders, addiction to cosmetic surgery and more. The stories when told from the perspective of sick unhealthy people gives a ‘birds eye view’ of addiction from the inside out. The scenarios will be familiar to addict’s and their loved ones but also to others who may have wondered about why addicts cannot ‘just say no’. The stories include, a death , relapse, love affairs in rehab and running away as well as the stories of people who stay and get well.

I have also included dual diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses also taking a close look at suicidal ideation, which is a hot topic in the media at present. As well as the stories themselves I have included a ‘teaching’ element where the patients listen to workshops and lectures presented by staff from the clinic. This turns a novel into another kind of self-help book as I include lots of resources for the interested to discover.

Despite some of the stories and situations sounding shocking the overall plot shows that recovery from addiction is possible. It is sympathetic to the addicted person and as ever the aim of the book is ‘to change perceptions’ I believe if this could be achieved perhaps the catastrophic statistics of death by addiction could change.

Book 2 Wires Untwisting

Wires Untwisting is primarily a book about hope in the world of addictions. The lives of many have been blighted by untreated addiction, this book goes some way in explaining what addiction is and how to treat it. It looks at all the manifestations of the illness, from alcoholism to gaming and internet addiction, dual diagnosis and more. ‘Wires Untwisting’ refers to the complex and baffling minds of addicts as well as the skewed attitudes that Wires Untwistedsociety has about addiction itself. The author Sarina Wheatman who has had many years of experience working with addicts, attempts to unravel some of the twists and turns in this complex Mental Health illness. Ultimately the reader will be left with the knowledge and information that recovery can be achieved with the right kind of intervention and support. It presents the reader with the choice about changing long held perceptions about Addiction and why change in what we think could possibly encourage more to seek help or even not go down the murky road to disaster. It is an uncomplicated and easy read, with many surprising facts. Anyone whose lives are touched by addiction will find it a worthwhile read.

Pitch to Festivals

Addiction is a mental health crisis that I believe needs to be re-branded. If this were to happen it is my sincere belief that the dreadful statistics created by out of control addiction could change. My books are an attempt at ‘changing perceptions one book at a time’ My admission to the festival programme would allow me to reach many more people.

Email for author enquiries: Sarina.Wheatman@gmail.com


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