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Matt Beighton


Matt Beighton was born somewhere in the midlands in England during the heady days of the 1980s and continues to spend most of his days in the same shire. He is happily married with two young daughters who keep him very busy and suffer through the endless early drafts of his stories.

When he’s not writing, he teaches primary school, messes around on canals in his inflatable kayak and supports his beloved Leicester City.

All of the Monstacademy series of books are available in dyslexia adapted versions alongside standard formatted editions.

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The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree (Green Monkey Press 2017) –
The Halloween Parade – Monstacademy Series (Green Monkey Press 2017) –
The Magic Knight – Monstacademy Series (Green Monkey Press 2018) –
The Egyptian Treasure – Monstacademy Series (Green Monkey Press 2018) –

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The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree (Shadowland Chronicles):

Some people fall down rabbit holes. Others hide inside magical wardrobes. Skye Thistle looked through an old spyglass.

Lost and alone on a world filled with Goblins, Orcs, Dragons and others that, until now, she was convinced existed only in fairy tales, Skye wants only one thing: to return home.

If she’s to have any chance of getting home safely, Skye must overcome her own fears and prejudices and embrace the prophecies that she fears have already sealed her fate on the distant world of Ithilmir. All that stands in the way of restoring peace and balance is a fearsome and worryingly familiar Dark Queen.

Goblins are very real, and whether Skye believes in them or not, she’s their only hope.

The Halloween Parade (Monstacademy):
It’s not every day that a vampire borrows your pencil. When was the last time you sat next to a werewolf in maths?
Meet Trixie Grimble, the newest pupil at Monstacademy. Unfortunately, in a school filled with monsters, she’s the only ordinary girl and when she’s asked to help prepare for the annual Halloween parade, everything starts to go wrong.

Oh, and she’s also been kicked out of her bedroom to make room for a cat circus. mostacademy_halloween

Fans of Jill Murphy and Isla Fisher will adore the silly humour and loveable characters in this delightful modern classic.
The Magic Knight (Monstacademy):
A magical suit of armour has gone missing in suspicious circumstances and there’s only one person who can help to solve the mystery. You!
With nearly 20 different endings, exploding fart potions, freezing spells and plenty of other silly twists and turns, The Magic Knight is a fantastic adventure that puts you in control of the action. You choose the story by making decisions and following your instincts. But be warned, not all endings are happy!

By controlling the decisions your character makes, only you can solve the mystery of the Magic Knight!

Roll the dice and control the action as you become the hero of your very own Monstacademy adventure!

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisersmonstacademy-magic-knight

As a practising teacher (one day he’ll get really good at it), Matt Beighton is a confident and lively public speaker. He has held book readings and creative writing sessions at libraries and schools across the Midlands. With very little provocation, he will perform poetry on demand and enjoys dragging readers along with his stories. The second Monstacademy story, The Magic Knight, is a choose your own path story in the same vein as the classics and acts as a brilliantly fun backdrop to more interactive reading sessions. He’ll even provide his own giant dice.
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