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Laura Sansom A poet and writer of many other things


I compiled many of my poems into the first collection titled “Between devils and goalposts”  – “About the choices we have to make as we are growing up….Do we let the little devils distract us?” This features on the Lulu self-publishing site alongside another collection titled “Exit the nunnery”  – “All that stuff, even the good girls have to contend with.”

“Rubber faces and animal images” by L Sansom and CJ walls – “Sticks and stones may break my bones but we carried on writing the anthology anyway”. This anthology on the theme of bullying and the site was created through Yola. There is a plan to take this particular project into schools and make it more of a campaign about bullying and its effects.

I have had some experience of performance poetry as with the Metroland poets we presented work at High Wycombe / Woburn festival as well as the local publicised launch of the self-published book “Lines from Metroland”.

I am also part of social media network and some writing forums.  This includes such things as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
My freelancing project has, and always will, include poetry but I digress also in article writing, flash fiction and short story writing as well as a lean towards business content writing.


Portfolio (most current first)
2017Articles –

“A female doctor? Who would have guessed?   27/7/17

“Things not to say to a football fan”. website. May 2017

Poetry –
“Through bovine irises” July 2017
“Shakespearean Kardashian” 28th June 2017

“It’s all about the money.” O-Posts website. April 2017
“Your favourite team has been cursed” O-Posts website. April 2017

“How to win at bingo” featuring in “Road to success” by Forward poetry. Due to be published March 2017.

“Better the devil you know” featuring in “Political fortunes” by Forward poetry. Due to be published March 2017. 


Flash fiction –“Dutch courage” published on  August 2016

Website and article writing –Currently Laura has freelanced for the website “How to gain kudos as the new intern”theintern247. See.  August 2016

Previous works include in no specific order…..

 Book reviewer
Reviewing poetry books for self-publishing magazine

Anthology pieces…….
“A writers confession” – “Something special”, “Autograph” – “Love thy neighbour”, “Fairy tale Christmas” – “A poem for Christmas”, “Football fans” – Facebook
“Have a cow” – “Scriptor 5”, “Human crisis” – “Birdsong and barbed wire”
“I know what’s real” – “Lovers are mad men” – “Cauldron”, “If I die” – Local paper
“Life is like a chair” – “Tomato ketchup” – “Creative writing magazine
“Loving feeling” – “Someone special” , “Nervous schizophrenic” – “The best poems and poets 2001” (and due to publishing/editing errors was also published in 2002 with corrections), “Ode to man” – “The best poems and poets 2003”
“Peace begins at home” – “Crossing barriers” (2001), “Picturesque” –“All I have” –“Sunny weather” – “Lines from Metroland”, “Pins and things” – “Still life”
“Scared of the dark” – “Bucks free press”, “September 11th” – “The path less travelled”, “Sign language” – “Woodland echoes”
“Takes two to tell” – “Memories of the millennium”
“The things out there” – “A little light” (2002), “Untitled – Christmas……” – “Expressions from London…” , “Untitled – Flying”…… “British Isles poets”
“Untitled- If I?” – “Southern poets”, “Untitled-I got…..” – “Cupids and Casanova’s”
“Untitled-I thought….” – “The world is your ……”, “Untitled-Oh Daddy…. – “Love’s many pathways” , “Waffle brain” – “Fragments in perception”
“When the grief takes hold” – Title unknown. Charity book for The compassionate friends charity.


  • Poem written and recorded for in house entertainment for work
  • Poem read out in part of training course – “All I have”
  • Reading jointly with Metroland poets featured at the 2006 Wycombe arts festival
  • Press release, book launch and reading of the lines from Metroland at The Crown Hotel, Old Amersham.

Amazon or other bookseller links:

Pitch to publishers and festival organisers:
As a poet, writer and reviewer I have had work published in various formats and both in the U.K and U.S. I started freelancing at the same time and write in many genres and in many styles.  Previous work has been content writing, articles for the internet, blog posts, short stories / flash fiction and other things such as recipe and foodie related items and fillers. Most recent work was an article published for theintern247 website and regular postings on O-Posts website and ap2hyc.

I manage my own author / writer networking and social platform and manage a blog too as well as the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
My current interests are in drama, film, T.V drama, Sci-fi and theatre as well as a casual interest in fashion, music, photography and crafts.
I have attended many a networking event and this year attended Henley on Thames literary festival. I have previously attended London book fair, London film and comic con, Soho create and more

Current creative on-going projects awaiting confirmation / publication are novels, scripts, third poetry anthology, children’s story book and comic strip. Also some craft and photography work.

email: Laura-sansom@[] – remove brackets before emailing

tel: 07786538419


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