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Justin was born and raised in Southend, Essex, near a pier on a river estuary. Now he lives with his partner in Weston-super-Mare near a pier on a river estuary. Some things in life never change.

His love of literature began with children’s tales of pirates sailing the seven seas. Even five years researching a Mathematics Doctorate at Imperial College, London didn’t quell the desire, nor did two decades working in the City of London.

A true bibliophile, his literary interest broadened to world literature and beyond to the mysteries of philosophy, history and religion.

His WIP is a novel set in Prussia during the Enlightenment in the 1760’s which speculates on an alternative genesis of the Industrial Revolution.

Today, he crafts his stories to entertain, inform and speculate. He writes historical fiction with a supernatural twist. His work explores the zeitgeist of our times, the underlying narrative to every culture.

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The Genes of Isis,Troubador Books, 2018. ISBN 978 1789011 517
The Old Dragon’s HeadTroubador Books, 2018. ISBN 978 1789015 829

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Synopses of Books:
The Genes of Isis
Akasha is a precocious young woman who lives in a world where oceans circulate in the aquamarine sky waters.The-Genes-of-Isis-Justin-Newland

Before she was born, the Helios, a tribe of angels from the sun, came to Earth to deliver the Surge, the next step in the evolution of an embryonic human race. Instead they left humanity on the brink of extinction and spawned a race of monstrous hybrids.

Horque is a Solarii, another tribe of angels, sent to Earth to rescue the genetic mix-up and release the Surge.

When Akasha has a premonition that a great flood is imminent and falls in love with Horque, her life becomes an instrument for apocalyptic change.  But will it save the three races – humans, hybrids, and Solarii – from the killing waters? Buy online

Review on Amazon by J. Carreira
A novel about profound change in the story of the human race, while a period of profound change appears to be going on all around us! In the Genes of Isis, the author manages to seamlessly plunge us into pre-history with a tale that could equally be set in the future. The setting of Ancient Egypt might be familiar to most people, but Justin Newland fills the monolithic monuments with warmth and humanity and creates a new dimension for us to experience this world through. With more than a touch of esoteric philosophy, the reader is immersed in a thought-provoking version of the human race’s ancestry. Thoroughly absorbing.

The Old Dragon’s Head
Constructed of stone and packed earth, the Great Wall of 10,000 li protects China’s northern borders from the threat of Mongol invasion. The wall is also home to a supernatural beast: the Old Dragon. The Old Dragon’s head is the most easterly point of the wall, where it finally meets the sea.

In every era, a Dragon Master is born. Endowed with the powers of Heaven, onl


y he can summon the Old Dragon so long as he possesses the dragon pearl.

It’s the year 1400, and neither the Old Dragon, the dragon pearl, not the Dragon Master, has been seen for twenty years. Bolin, a young man working on the Old Dragon’s Head, suffers visions of ghosts. Folk believe he has yin-yang eyes and other paranormal gifts.

When Bolin’s fief lord, the Prince of Yan, rebels against his nephew, the Jianwen Emperor, a bitter war of succession ensues in which the Mongol’s hold the balance of power. While the victor might win the battle on earth, China’s Dragon Throne can only be earned with a Mandate of Heaven – and the support of the Old Dragon.

Bolin embarks on a journey of self-discovery, mirroring Old China’s endeavour to come of age. When Bolin accepts his destiny as the Dragon Master, Heaven sends a third coming of age – for humanity itself. But are any of them ready for what is rising in the east? Buy Online

Review on Amazon by Richard
5.0 out of 5 stars A stand out novel that ticks all the boxes
24 January 2019
A stand out novel that ticks all the boxes – murder, mystery, treason, glorious villains, reluctant heroes and more than a touch of the supernatural.

Feng, the son of the town magistrate, witnesses the accidental poisoning of his father whilst at a banquet for the Prince of Yan, whose army prepares to pass through the Great Wall. Feng should inherit his father’s position duties, but is shamed by his ambitious deputy and the evil Chang is appointed in his place. Chang has issues of personal revenge on his mind and no one is safe.

Bolin is an impoverished son of a fisherman, conscripted to work on cleaning the Dragon’s Head – the eastern end of the Wall – but he suffers headaches and visions, refusing to believe that he has ‘yin-yang’ eyes. Luli is a widow who possesses many gifts and it is these three who must work independently to try and solve the mystery of the disappearance of Dragon Master Wing twenty years earlier, find the Dragon Pearl and release the dragon itself. There is not much time: the Mongols are gathering north of the Wall, sympathisers within it and they also have their own talisman – The Blue Wolf.

I really enjoyed reading this novel – the action is constant and provides an interesting insight into Chinese culture, beliefs and superstitions. Bolin is on a voyage of discovery to find himself and his destiny whilst Feng, through a scroll left with Luli, finds out exactly who he is.

There are some great cameos: the torturer, an old soldier and Luli’s son, mute since witnessing the death of his father some years before. And there is just enough of a cliff-hanger to warrant, I hope, a sequel.
With an attractive cover, I recommend this book, especially to those interested in Middle Ages China.
(Reviewed on behalf of Discovering Diamonds Blog spot)

Other reviews of The Old Dragon’s Head.

You Tube Videos:–fx0BrSEb0&t=20s

Literary Festival Appearances

Bristol Festival of Literature, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 & 2018, BristolCon, 2017 & Fantasycon 2017 – Reading short story or an extract from my novels
BristolCon, Panel Participant on ‘Past Lives, Future Visions,’ (2014), ‘Radically Alternate History,’ (2015), ‘Through the Glass Darkly,’ (2016)
EasterCon, 2017, Panel Moderator on ‘Fantastic Lessons for Scientists’
FantasyCon, 2017, Panel Participant on ‘Writing Short Fiction’ and ‘Mythology, Folk Tales and the Imagination.’
Weston-super-Mare Lit Fest, 2018, author interviewed by Roz Clarke.
Exeter Lit Fest, 2018, Author Talk, ‘Why Ancient Egypt is known as the Mother and Father of All Things.
Weston-super-Mare Lit Fest, 2019, Author Talk ‘The Great Ming Code of 14th Century China.’
Numerous newspaper articles, book signings, radio interviews, library talks.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Justin is an entertaining and well-informed speaker on a range of subjects, including historical fiction, religion, mythology, fantasy and world history. He is equally at home reading extracts from his work, as a participant on a panel, or chatting to an interviewer about his novels.
To promote his books, he has developed two lively, illustrated talks, entitled:

  • ‘Why Ancient Egypt is known as the Mother and Father of All Things.’
  • ‘The Great Ming Code: How the Law Book of the Ming Dynasty attempted to harmonise human society with the will of Heaven.’

Both talks are about 45 minutes in length, excluding Q&A.

Contact email:[land@hotm] (remove square brackets from email address)
Contact telephone: 07748 114 170


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