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Erica Wolfe-Murray is a force to be reckoned with. Dubbed by national media and clients as the ‘Delia’ of business she is renowned for her smart and savvy approach to innovation and problem solving. With over four decades of experience she is the UK’s leading business and innovation expert and has worked with over 250 companies to date.

Many of the companies Erica has worked with and continues to work with are global household names, others are small and emerging businesses tipped to excel and make their mark within the top of their relevant field. Erica is at the forefront of the fast-paced, ambitious, creative, cultural and tech sector. Frequently being asked to speak at prestigiouerica_wolfe_murrays events, conferences, universities and membership clubs such as Soho House to help inspire business owners.

Powerfully aware of the particular issues facing small companies and freelancers, Erica Wolfe-Murray has drawn on her extensive experience working with hundreds of people to produce a hands-on, easy-to-use book ‘Simple Tips, Smart Ideas’ crammed with ideas, advice and tips to help companies and freelancers grow their businesses.  Having been both a creative head and a financial director, her straight-forward approach linked to practical diagrams and frameworks will help readers kick-start growth in their business straight away with 95% of her ideas free to implement.

Erica is also a director of fast-growth fin-tech start-up Taxo’d.

Speaking of her career to date Erica said:

“I’ve seen people make mistakes, find their passions, turn loss-making concerns into thriving companies. I absorbed everything and continue to do so. I asked endless questions feeding my relentless curiosity.  I’ve sold my creativity, I’ve sold products I’ve designed and sourced, I’ve consulted, I’ve coached.  I’ve been a creative lead.  I’ve been a financial director. I’ve grown companies and watched them flourish. Every business has the capability to grow, to pivot or re-invent itself to create something new – I help them find and harness that ability.”

Erica is a leading business and innovation expert’
‘the ‘Delia’ of business’


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Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business

A Creative’s Guide to IP (ebook only)

Cake (ebook only)


Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business

Business books are largely written by rich, successful entrepreneurs who’ve changed the face of commerce. But most of the 5 million companies in the UK aren’t run by these game changers. They’re small operations, sometimes family-based, who provide employment for huge sections of the population. They have very little in common with the Mark Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobs or Sergei Bryns of the world. But now more than ever in this fast-paced commercial world, small companies can triumph.simple_tips_smart-ideas

And let’s not forget the 4.6m freelancers too – a sector of the economy that is growing faster than any other.
Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger Better Business is a wide-ranging, advice-packed book aimed at everyone running a micro or small business, those who are self-employed or have a side hustle. Filled with tips, different ways of problem-solving, making money, finding revenues in ways they’ve never anticipated, it helps them understand how to grow their business.

It covers business planning in a way they’ve never thought about it, new ideas around what they could be selling alongside their current offer, gives simple advice about IP, talks straightforwardly about money and value, lists over 50 different revenue models, who they should/could include in their ‘team’ as well as some thought-provoking marketing advice.

Illustrated with case studies, diagrams, idea maps, new ways of working they can implement tomorrow – no new staff, equipment or funding required. They can dip in when they’ve got a problem, need a quick filip, or want to change their perspective on a problem.

Buy Simple Tips Smart Ideas on Amazon | Buy Simple Tips Smart Ideas on Foyles

Pitch to Festival Organisers

Micro companies and freelancers are the fastest growing group in the UK economy as people talk with their feet, leaving corporations to start their own ventures and become masters of their own destinies.  But with little or no support once the start-up phase is over, this huge number of ventures – some 9.6m in total at the last count – are largely left to fend for themselves, attracting little or no support from the government or any other agencies.

Most of the people in every festival’s audience will be either freelancers or working for a micro/small company. They love the independence this gives them, but it is hard graft to grow a small business – particularly with the challenges we are all facing.

Experienced speaker and workshop facilitator, Erica Wolfe-Murray, knows how to engage an audience, win them over and have them thrilling at the thought of work tomorrow as she takes them through her simple, but powerful methodology, on how to grow their businesses with what they already own, from where they are now.

She can speak about creativity, financial matters, who you need in your team, and how to think differently about marketing.  None of it is complicated so everyone will gain real insights in how to develop new products, services, find new audiences and markets, how to innovate and outmanoeuvre companies with greater resources.

This is a business talk like no other – with every single member of the audience leaving with practical advice as to how they can grow their business straight-away.

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