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Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire is a software engineer who has always enjoyed writing and is taking the opportunity to share his unique insights and hidden talents to the rest of the world. Denis’s perspectives have been formed through his own journey in finding love, battling to overcome the challenges and fears that have been put in front of him in the pursuit of glory and being the very best he can be at everything he does.

Website: olasehinde_akinmolasire
Twitter: @lovewarandglory
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Love, War and Glory: Spoken Words for All Seasons
Published: 28th July 2018


Love, War, and Glory

3 things that we all have seen, experienced or been a part of. As with life, in general, all 3 love-war-glory-denis-olasehinde-akinmolasireof these concepts have their ups and downs. This book explores those themes via poetry and spoken words and examines what these themes mean for everyday life. Explore what it means to go beneath the surface and find out what you are truly capable of and how to rationalize life events, both good and bad. This book also explores how to keep your perspective when you achieve your life ambitions and aims. From dealing with heartbreak and finding your true love, to tales of warriors fighting never-ending battles, making dreams become a reality, overcoming the odds to finally reach your goal, to tales of supreme champions and reviews of global figures of interest and understanding the changes and the journey we all go through in life you will find it in this book. We believe there is something in here that everyone can relate to.

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Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

I would like to do book signing events offering the following.

  • Q&A about my book.
  • My journey to getting my book published.
  • Advice on how to get published.
  • Readings from my book
  • Opportunity to purchase a signed copy of my book.

Contact email: de[nisaki] (remove square brackets before emailing)
Contact telephone: 07946239061


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