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Debi Evans


Born in Caterham, Surrey and having completed secondary schooling to ‘A’ level, Debi attained a BA Honours degree in Combined Arts from Leicester University. She lived in Dubai from 1991 to 2011 and raised three children there. Whilst living in Dubai, Debi represented Child’s Play International educational books, facilitating storytelling and book fairs in nursery schools and primary schools throughout the UAE.debi_evans

In 2006 Debi co-wrote and self-published ‘The Secret Society of Dragon Protectors’ series of books with John MacPherson selling more than 50,000 copies worldwide. Upon returning to England in 2011 she rescued a Jack Russell from Dog’s Trust and embarked upon writing ‘The Secret Adventures of Rolo’ written from the perspective of her time-travelling dog including plenty of history, fact, fantasy and humour with the fourth book in the series just out (July 2018). The books are aimed primarily at 7-12 year olds and enjoyed by adults too. Debi successfully visits primary schools and adult groups in the UK and overseas to talk about her books and inspire creative writing.

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‘The Secret Adventures of Rolo’ by Debi Evans
Book 1 Athelstan and the Time Tunnel- 9780992825706
Book 2 The Chilvester Passage – 9780992825720
Book 3 The Dragon’s Pram – 9780992825744
Book 4 Jewel Dog and the Dragons-  9780992825768


Rolo (pictured below) is a real rescued Jack Russell. All 4 books are written as if by the dog himself. He discovers the ability to travel back in history guided by a dragon, through a tunnel in a tree. Rolo witnesses key events in history and sometimes makes things happen. All of this in secret, unbeknown to his owners the smiley lady and the floppy haired boy. Key events include the Iron Age, Bronze Age, First World War, Second World War, Tudor times, Gunpowder Plot, Shakespeare, Greek Mythology, mythical creatures, theft of world cup trophy in 1966, King Alfred and the Saxons, the Founding of the United Arab Emiratroloes and Ancient Egypt to name a few. He also writes a blog in modern font with hashtags, in between the adventure chapters, and shares nature observations.

The books are proving popular for their historical education content as well as being a humorous adventure story to read alone or share as a family. Book 5 is planned.

Literary Festival Appearances

Emirates Lit Fest, Ubud Readers and writers Fest 2011, Hungerford Lit Fest 2017, Barnes Children’s Lit Fest May 2018 Marlborough Lit Fest (Sept 2018), Southam Book Day (Sept 2018)

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Debi has presented to KS2 in many primary schools in UK, UAE, and as far afield as China and Indonesia since 2009. Frequent speaker on WI circuit and to other adult groups. Funded by Doncaster Book Awards over several years to inspire creative writing in and around Doncaster.

Contact email: debi@de[bie] (remove square brackets before emailing)
Contact telephone: 01672 516508 mobile 07899833739


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