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David, who was at the forefront of photojournalism during the 60’s & 70’s, abandoned his medical studies to become a photojournalist. After working for local papers, he moved to London and then Paris where his pictures were published by such prestigious magazines as Paris Match, Stern and Life as well as the National press across Europe. In 1980, he returned to the academic world, obtaining a doctorate from the University of Sussex. After lecturing there in clinical psychology and psychopathology he founded Mindlab International, an independent research consultancy of which he is now Chairman. He is anDavid-Lewis-Hodgson award-winning broadcaster and TV presenter and the author of more than 30 books on psychology. a Chartered psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Association.


Most recent publications include:

Impulse: Why we do what we do without knowing why we do it.  Random House (2013)

The Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping. Nicholas Brealey (2013)

Fat Planet: The Obesity Trap and How to Avoid It. Random House (2015)

The Way It Was: A Pictorial History of Britain in the 60s. Farrer Hall Press (2017

Impulse; Brain Sell & Fat Planet are all on Amazon

Website address:
Facebook: @TheWayItWasUK


In pictures and text, The Way It Was explores the massive social, political and moral changes that transformed the country during these two decades. Twenty years in which children enjoyed both more freedoms and greater restrictions than any earlier generation. The book describes the world of ‘sixties education and observes the lives of Irish children caught up in the Troubles. There are sections on medicine, the military, technology, air The Way it Wascrash investigations and underwater exploration. Images of famous British eccentrics; the nation’s occasionally bizarre relationships with animals; the abolition of theatre censorship and of the stunt men and women who risked, and in one case lost, their lives to entertain the public in the days before video games and social media. David explains how some of his most iconic and hair-raising pictures were taken and reveals the, sometimes, surprising obstacles, pitfalls and dangers he faced during his career.

Awards & Prizes: Sony Award for BBC series on Radio 5 Live

Literary Festival Appearances: Oxford/Bradford/Edinburgh/Lewes/USA/UAE/Spain

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

‘Sixties photographer David Lewis-Hodgson, who was at the very forefront of photojournalism, has put together some of his most compelling images from that era. These images take us on a visual journey and throw a unique light on the decade which defines us even today. The book transports us from the shocking poverty-stricken front rooms of Ulster during the Troubles to the top hats, brollies, bagpipes and boaters of ’sixties Cambridge students. It captures the free love of the Flower Children and the first music festivals then on a turn of a page you witness ‘sixties technology at its finest with the building of the QE2 and Concorde. The book also captures the extra-ordinary everyday such as snail-trainer Connie Lythgoe and her champion snail Clarence and the Eastbourne plumber who was also a full American Indian Chief. It is a book that helps us witness the joyous, strange, funny, tragic, dangerous and at times down-right silly. Highlighting the best of us and the worst of us and how so much has changed yet so much remains the same.

Praise for The Way It Was “This volume is full of wonderful and evocative slices of every day…great pictures, great memories and great fun.” Homer Sykes.

“[This] is a book that realistically, sometimes tenderly, shows how life in England and elsewhere looked…David [photographed] them with a passion only the best few can muster.” Chris Niedenthal, Newsweek.

Contact email: david.lewis-hodgson@the[wayitwas].uk (remove square brackets before emailing)

Contact telephone 01323 422447 – Mobile: 07745 938712


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