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David J Bailey is married to Gillian, with three grown-up children and six grandchildren. David was a time-served engineer for twenty-eight years and following his degree in theology and biblical studies at Manchester University, he served as a Baptist Minister in Chesterfield, Derbyshire for thirteen years. He retired in 2005 and since then has pursued david_bailey_authorhis passion for writing.

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‘The Storm’ children’s (8-13 years) novel published in 2016 by Austin Macauley – ISBN 978-1785548277.
‘The Dream’ children’s (8-13 years) novel published in 2018 by Instant Apostle – ISBN 978 1909728776.


THE STORM’ – It’s the start of the summer holidays and two brothers, John and Joel Morton, find their quiet afternoon’s fishing trip seriously interrupted by an extremely violent thunderstorm. Whilst they are running for shelter, lightning fells the skeleton of a giant oak tree right before their eyes and it frighteningly falls across the path in front of them. Nextthe_storm_david_bailey day, joined by their friends, they return to see the felled giant and Lucy discovers a package hidden in a hole in the tree. The lightning bolt has split the tree wide open and the hole and its contents have become exposed. To their amazement, the package contains jewellery, a realistic looking gun and a cryptic note in the form of a poem.

The poem appears to be a series of clues pointing to another clue hidden elsewhere and ultimately to so-called ‘treasure.’ The poem is signed, but even that is in code. Was it simply part of a children’s game?  They’re unsure, so decide to investigate the matter themselves – who put it there, why and what does it all mean? What they don’t know is that two villains are on the trail too, something they eventually discover the hard way.

The six find themselves locked into a quest that involves much good detective work, cryptic clues, confronting and outwitting quite ruthless and violent criminals, great danger, underground chambers, hidden spoils and the final police arrest of the villains. BUY VIA AMAZON UK

THE DREAM’ – Nine-year-old Oliver Carrick is a quiet, timid boy and because of this, he becomes the prime target for school bullying. His life is miserable, but for him there is no respite even at home. His Dad left his Mum soon after Oliver was born


and since then she has had a number of live-in men-friends. The latest, Jez, shows a distinct dislike of Oliver and so the bullying continues, but his Mum is too weak to intervene. It is about this time that Oliver begins to have a recurring dream; he sees a house, a strange, yet somehow familiar hou

se and he is in bed. In his dream he wakes with a feeling of terrible dread – something or someone is out to get him. He dives out of bed, quickly descends the stairs to the lounge, slamming the door behind him. He’s safe.

The school bullying intensifies until one day he retaliates, but inevitably, teachers see him as the aggressor and exclude him from school. He tells no one and even destroys a letter from the school addressed to his Mum. Each morning he goes out at his normal school time and returns in the afternoon. However, the school visits his home and his secret is uncovered. Jez, as a result, beats him severely for lying. Oliver has had enough and runs away from home. Oliver, though, had another dream before he left telling him to meet a woman dressed in yellow who will help him. He is certain that it was ‘just a dream’ so has no expectations, but it happens just as the dream had intimated.

The following chapters chart his journeying as he searches for that house. He meets a young girl who has had the same dream and is on a similar quest and so they team up. Their travels bring them face to face with some tough times and bizarre experiences – strange people, prehistoric animals, seemingly impossible obstacles. Danger lurks for so much of the way, but always an inner voice encourages them to face things head on. Eventually they do reach their goal and enter the house. That night they sleep in the rooms each has seen in their dreams, but this time they really do wake and together rush headlong down the stairs. This time they don’t escape, but far from experiencing the nightmare of their dreams, their encounter is the most wonderful imaginable. Peace, joy and healing flow, and a new future, way beyond his wildest dreams follows. Happiness at last and finally a family fully renewed, united and a new and exciting future ahead of them all. BUY VIA AMAZON UK

Literary Festival Appearances

Hursley 2017 & Worthing 2018

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

David J Bailey is an eclectic writer, though his primary focus has been on children’s books – picture books and novels. However, he has branched out into adult books, both novels and non-fiction. His next book to be published is an adult novel ‘I Felt Him Die’, a murder mystery, due summer 2019. Other books, both children’s and adult, are written and awaiting publication.

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Contact telephone? 07933 955 443


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