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Chris Mullin


Author, journalist, politician.   MP for Sunderland South from 1987 to 2010 and a minister in three departments.   Author of four novels, the best known of which was A Very British Chris MullenCoup.    Non-fiction works include three widely acclaimed volumes of diaries.    His most recent novel, The Friends of Harry Perkins, a post-Brexit thriller, is the long awaited sequel to A Very British Coup.

Website address:    www.chrismullinexmp.com
Twitter: @chrismullinexmp



The Friends of Harry Perkins Mar 2019

A Very British Coup
The Last Man Out of Saigon
The Year of the Fire Monkey

Error of Judgement – The Truth About the Birmingham Bombings
A Walk-on Part (diaries  1994-99)
A View from the Foothills (diaries 1999-2005)
Decline and Fall (diaries 2005-2010)
Hinterland – a memoir


A Very British Coup

Thirty-five years after the publication of A Very British Coup, former Labour MP Chris Mullin has written a compelling and timely sequel.

In a near-future, post-Brexit Britain, the fault lines forged in the white heat of the referendum have become entrenched features of British political life. Britain’s standing in the world has steadily diminished as its problems have grown. Into the maelstrom steps Fred Thompson, former aide to left-wing prime minister Harry Perkins and his successor as MP for Sheffield Parkside.

Hinterland – a memoir (published September 2016)
All serious politicians are supposed to possess a hinterland, but not all do.  Chris Mullin was one who did.  By the time he entered parliament he had reported from the wars in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia and tracked down the survivors of the CIA operation in Tibet.  He was the author of three novels, including the classic ‘A Very British Coup’ and his successful campaign to free the innocent people convicted of the Birmingham pub bombings was described ‘as one of the greatest feats ever achieved by an investigative reporter’.   These are his memoirs.

Diaries (three volumes)

‘He will join Alan Clark in the pantheon of truly great diarists’,
Matthew d’Ancona, Evening Standard
‘A treat to be savoured.  What’s more they are written by a creature the public does not believe exists: an honest politician’
The Times
‘Destined to be handed out as leaving presents in offices across Whitehall for years to come’.
David Cameron

Awards & Prizes

Honorary degrees from the universities of Essex, Hull, Newcastle, Sunderland and City University (London).

Literary Festival Appearances:

Since Chris Mullin retired from parliament in 2010 he has taken part in well over 100 literary festivals, attracting audiences of up to 750.

Contact email: chris@chrismullinexmp.com


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