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Catherine Greenall has been writing full-time after a long career as a government scientist.

She has published her latest novel ‘A Quirk of Destiny,’ a science fiction thriller, which is available now in paperback and Kindle. She is currently working on a sequel (May 2014).

She recently edited and published her father Robert Greenall’s autobiography, ‘The Greenall Chronicle.’

Her work includes ghost, horror, science fiction, realism and vegan cookery, as well as scientific works. She is a long-term vegan and her published works include a full colour version of the vegan cookbook, “Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!” and a ghost story, ‘Echoes’. Her scientific works include ‘The Mersey Measure.’

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‘A Quirk of Destiny’, Austin Macauley, 2012
‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’, Lulu 2008
‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’, Lulu 2009
‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’, Author House 2010
‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’, Amazon Kindle 2014
‘The Greenall Chronicle’, by Robert Greenall, edited by Catherine Greenall, Lulu, 2012

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Synopses of books (max three):
‘A Quirk of Destiny’
Publisher Austin Macauley, 2012
A Quirk of Destiny is a chilling look at a world where science is used against rather than for the good of mankind. Calum O’Connell is a scientist at the Department for Food and Environment assessing the safety of new food technologies. Puzzled by a number of incidents involving fellow scientists he soon finds himself caught up in a deadly worldwide epidemic.
Calum suspects genetically-modified food is the cause of the epidemic and sets out in search of the truth. A natural leader, he gathers around him an ever-growing band of people unaffected by the illness in his quest to find answers and refuge from the authorities who seek to silence him.
A Quirk of Destiny is a fast-moving story about what happens when too much power is held by too few people.

‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’
Published Lulu 2008, Lulu 2009, Author House 2010, Amazon Kindle 2014
3 paperback editions are available, 2 with full colour illustration (2008 & 2009) and 1 black & white budget edition (2010) and also a Kindle edition.
The author recognises the challenges sometimes experienced in catering for vegans and so decided to share her own recipes. These include versions of regional dishes from her native Lancashire, dishes encountered in her travels and some she invented for herself. The titles of the book and chapters originate from what some restaurants actually said when asked for their vegan options. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, or just want to eat more healthily for some meals, we are confident you will enjoy the dishes in this book.

‘The Greenall Chronicle’
by Robert Greenall, edited by Catherine Greenall – Published 2012, Lulu

Robert Greenall, born in 1922, has produced a powerful narrative about his life in North West England and the way that world events influenced the lives of ordinary Lancashire people.

He describes the school and work experiences of himself, his sister and his four brothers during the harsh economic climate of the 1930s.

He continues with a personal description of the effects on his Lancashire family of the dangers and frustrations of the build-up to World War II.

At the age of seventeen, he joined the Local Defence Volunteers, spending many nights alone in the local countryside keeping a look-out for enemy paratroopers. His experiences after call-up to the army at the age of nineteen are both comic and poignant.
He concludes with his family’s sometimes difficult return to civilian life.


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