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Barbara Stevenson is a writer and veterinary surgeon based in Scotland. She has won several prizes for her short stories, many of which feature in anthologies. In 2016 she won the Scottish Association of Writers’ Scholarship Livingstone Shield. Her debut novel ‘The Organist’ about a veterinary surgeon and organist in the early 1900s, was published by Yolk Publishing in March 2016 and her second novel ‘The Clockmaker’ is due to be published in Autumn 2017, again by Yolk Publishing. She also writes humorous sketches.

Barbara currently lives in Orkney, where she finds inspiration for her writing.


The Organist – Yolk Publishing  ISBN 9781910130032

The Clockmaker – Yolk Publishing  (out Aug 2017)

Website address:
Facebook:  Babs.stevenson.71

Synopses of books:

 The Organist
It is 1911, and successful Edinburgh veterinary surgeon and talented organist, Gavin McEwan, sets out on a trip to Paris to meet the two loves of his life –the magnificent pipe organ of Saint Sulpice, with its equally great organist Charles-Marie Widor, and his sweetheart Fiona, who happens to be on her honeymoon with her artist husband.

Buoyed by the gaiety of Paris, Gavin feels it is not too late to save Fiona from a loveless marriage, but with monkey business unfolding behind his back, the truth becomes indistinguishable from his delusions.

Back in Edinburgh, Gavin blames Fiona’s husband for causing a terrible accident, for which he has no remorse. Jealousy and hatred can poison the mildest of men and Gavin’s actions seem certain to bring devastating consequences.

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The Clockmaker
The Clockmaker is set in Perth in 1885/86. Things are looking up for Alfie Peters, the clockmaker. He has been asked to provide the workings for a new clock to be displayed in a grand hotel in the city. The casing designer is a young American, Templeman, who is going places. Alfie hopes the success of the clock will bring in bigger and better orders, but it soon becomes clear Templeman has no idea of clock workings and problems abound with his plans.

These are nothing compared to Alfie’s domestic woes. While his wife in Perth is expecting, Alfie is having an affair with his mistress in a nearby village. She in turn is helping him poison his first wife who is a patient in a mental hospital. His fourteen year old daughter has obtained a position at the hotel. She finds out about his Alfie’s bigamy and is blackmailing him. After a visit to Edinburgh, Maggie falls from the train and dies, but mystery surrounds her death.

Templeman is invited to make a clock in New York and Alfie expects to be asked to help, but when he is overlooked he devises a plan to murder Templeman by persuading him the clock is a time machine. Templeman’s fiancée Emily commits suicide. Meanwhile Alfie’s wife has made a recovery. She is keen to divorce Alfie and marry her doctor, citing infidelity, as well as attempted murder.

All this is enough to drive any man mad.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers:

I am happy to do interviews and read extracts from my novels. I can also give talks on veterinary medicine before the war, as featured in The Organist and also talks on eminent organists of the time, including Widor, Hollins and Reger.
I can also give small workshops to budding fiction writers.

Although based in Scotland, I am happy to travel.

Awards & Prizes:  

Scottish Association of Writers Livingstone Shield
Scottish Association of Writers Margaret McConel Trophy

Contact email:
Contact telephone: 07582151665


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