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Barbara Lorna Hudson


A farmer’s daughter from Cornwall, Barbara Lorna Hudson studied languages at Cambridge. She started out as a psychiatric social worker and also worked as a sex/marital therapist before becoming an Oxford tutor.

Now retired, she is an Emeritus Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford. She is a member of Writers in Oxford and the Society of Authors, and is a regular performer at a story-telling club.

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Twitter: @barbaralhudson 
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Timed Out (2016), Driven Press.
Makeover (in press, 2017) Driven Press.

Brief Memoir
To A whom I met on the Internet’ The Guardian. 25.06.2011. (anonymous)

Short Stories
The Civil War Walk’ and three others in Oxtale Soup: stories of Oxford and Oxfordshire ed Sara Banerji, 2012.

‘The Easter Hamster’ and eight others, Ether Books Ltd., 2012.

Patricia and the Slasher,’ and five others in Click to Click: tales of internet dating, ed Barbara Lorna Hudson, 2012.

‘The Grave Robbers’ Scribble, Summer 2013 and First Writer Magazine, 2014. hg

‘Potter, Dimity, Lilies’ Spooky Tales Anthology, 2014.

Lovely, Mr Shelley!’, ‘Dr Dodgson and Mary Jane’, and ‘Satyr’, The Ball of the Future: Earlyworks Press Fiction Anthology, Earlyworks Press, 2016.

St Piran’s Well’, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Issue 8, January, 2016.

Synopses of books

Timed Out (Driven Press, 2016):
Jane Lambert thinks she may have made a mistake putting her work ahead of love and family for so long. She’s left wondering what to do with her life now she has retired.
She decides it is time she looked for love again. She joins an online dating site.
As she searches for a meaningful life, Jane suffers disappointments and learns some hard truths about herself while never losing her gift for self-mockery or her eye for the absurd. This is a contemporary ”coming of age” novel about growing older and about different kinds of love.

Makeover (Driven Press, 2016):
Walter is a rich history professor, still grieving for his dead wife. Lucille is a twice divorced personal shopper with a background of deprivation and abuse.
Walter is seeking a little companionship and some sex. Lucille is seeking a financial security.

A mismatch if ever there was one. And yet these two meet and begin seeing each other. Lucille sets her cap at Walter.

Part comedy, part serious, Makeover tackles the question ‘Can people change?’ and deals with issues of loss and grief, the barriers caused by social and educational difference, and domestic violence.

Awards & Prizes

Winner Writers Village International Novel Competition 2015 (Timed Out, 2016)
Shortlisted Exeter Novel Prize 2014 (Timed Out, 2016)

Literary Festival Appearances

Oxford, Henley, Hillingdon, Thame, Worcestershire, Wantage, all 2016

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Barbara Lorna Hudson’s writing has been described by Adam Foulds as “lovely, lucid fiction, poignant and bittersweet.” She has a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. After a lot of non-fiction, she published some 25 short stories, several of which have been listed in competition. Her first novel Timed Out won the Writers Village Competition and was shortlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize. Timed Out is about growing older, Internet dating, and different kinds of love. Her second novel Makeover (in press) is about the possibility of change.

Barbara is an experienced public speaker, comfortable with large or small audiences, and particularly enjoys interaction with them. She has over 40 years’ experience as a lecturer and her talks at literary festivals, libraries etc have been well received. Recent titles have included “Is there a novel in you?”, “Downloading Love”, “Starting Late”, “Can you turn your life around at sixty?” and “Writing about Humanism”.

Contact email:
Contact telephone? 01865-244742


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