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Azi Ahmed


Born and bred in the north of England, Azi relishes a challenge, as reflected in her career path: former member of the British Army, Parliamentary Candidate, Author, and Entrepreneur.

Azi graduated with a Masters Degree in Media Technology to gain an understanding of the digital world. She set up an internet company then sold her shares in the business to take Azi Ahmedher experience into the corporate world as a Management Consultant.

She was inspired to join the Army by her father, a veteran of the British Indian Army. Her experiences set her up for life: team work, a drive to achieve, meeting people from all walks of life and cultures. Most importantly, the unique world renowned training enabled her to identify her life passions.

After leaving the Army, Azi went on to work for the MoD on campaigns for soldiers in Afghanistan. She volunteers her spare time as a governor at a special needs school and to a charity organisation for the homeless.

Website addresswww.aziahmed.com

Twitter: @aziahmed1


You Tube Videoshttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iS3vzaO_8vI


WORLDS APART – A Muslim Girl With The SAS
By the age of twelve, Azi Ahmed had been fully trained in all the skills her mother thought necessary to become the perfect housewife: knitting, sewing and sitting pretty. Little did she know that a rather different sort of training lay in her future.

With no military experience, physically slight and, before entering Chelsea Barracks, socially isolated, Azi suddenly finds herself in selection training with eleven other girls and 200 men, all hoping to become part of the British Army’s most elite fighting force – the SAS. She soon realises the physical challenge is the least of her worries.

Deep-rooted ethnic and gender prejudices abound and Azi is faced with trying to defend her religion and culture within a regimented and hostile environment, a situation that is not helped by the events of 9/11. While Azi deals with non-halal ration packs, squaddie drinking culture and the most rigorous tests of mental and physical strength, her parents, completely unaware of her double life, are still trying to find her a suitable boy to marry. With the two most important institutions in her life at loggerheads, Azi is forced to choose – but will either be enough?

Worlds Apart is the incredible true story of the most violent of culture clashes, of one woman’s fight not only to be ‘the best of the best’, but to remain true to herself in the process.

Buy Worlds Apart: A Muslim Girl with the SAS from Amazon

Buy Worlds Apart: A Muslim Girl with the SAS from The Robson Press

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers:
Worlds Apart – a Muslim girl with the SAS, is the incredible true story of the most violent of culture clashes, of one woman’s fight not only to be ‘the best of the best’, but to remain true to herself in the process.

Launched in 2015, Worlds Apart became an ‘All Time Bestseller’ with Robsons Press.

Since it’s launch, the book has drawn a lot of publicity on topical issues at numerous events including; the future role of the British Army, lowering the bar for women and British Muslims.

Awards & Prizes:
All Time Best Seller with Robsons Press

Literary Festival Appearances:
Henley Literary Festival 2015 – (one of the first events to sell-out)

Contact email: aziahmedAToutlook.com


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