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In 2013, British expat Annabel won the inaugural Montegrappa Prize for First Fiction at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Her work caught the eye of agent Luigi Bonomi and annabel kantariaAnnabel went on to secure a three-book contract with Harlequin’s MIRA Books (now HQ Stories at Harper Collins). Since then she’s had three books published, and is contracted to write three more focusing on the darkness that can be found beneath the surface of everyday life – the popular genre that’s been nicknamed ‘domestic noir’.

Annabel studied psychology at Warwick University, and worked in publishing in London before moving to Dubai in 1998. There, she worked in radio before taking on the role of editor of leading woman’s magazine, Emirates Woman. Since then, Annabel has worked as The Telegraph’s Expat blogger based in Dubai and as a columnist for Stylist Arabia.

Annabel lives in Dubai with her husband and two children but travels frequently to the UK, and is happy to arrange her own visits around literary events.

Website address: www.annabelkantaria.com
Twitter: @BellaKay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnabelKantariaAuthor/
Instagram: @dubaipix


I Know You (HQ Stories, June 2018)
The One That Got Away (HQ Stories, Sept 2017)
The Disappearance (Harlequin, 2016)
Coming Home (Harlequin, 2015)

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Synopses of books

The One That Got Away (HQ Stories, Sept 2017)
Something makes Stella click ‘yes’ to attending her school reunion. It’s been fifteen years the_one_that_got_awaysince she last saw George. Their relationship may have ended badly but there’s still an undeniable spark between the two of them. But once someone gets you back, what if they never let you go again?

The Disappearance (Harlequin, 2016)
When grown-up twins John and Lexi embark on a cruise to celebrate their mother Audrey’s 70th birthday, little do they know that just two out of the three of them will return.

Just hours after Audrey breaks the news to the twins that they each stand to inherit a fortune after her death, she goes missing. As the search of the ship widens, so does the list of suspects – and, with dark the_disappearanceclues emerging about Audrey’s early life in Bombay, John and Lexi begin to question if they can even trust one another…
Coming Home (Harlequin, 2015)
When expat Evie’s father passes away, she’s forced to return to a home full of memories she’s tried to suppress. At first, coming home feels unexpectedly comforting but, as she goes through her father’s files, Evie uncovers a secret that opens old wounds and changes her life forever – and that’s only the beginning. As her world starts to shatter around her, she realises that those she loves most are also those capable of the deepest betrayal.

Awards & Prizes

Winner of the inaugural Montegrappa Prize for First Fiction at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, 2013.

Literary Festival Appearances

Annabel has appeared at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature for three successive years: 2015, 2016, 2017, where she’s hosted her own sessions, taken part in panel discussions, and taught a workshop on getting started as a professional writer.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Annabel is an experienced speaker who’s worked in television and radio. She regularly gives talks on topics such as how to get started in a writing career, how to start writing a novel and how to generate article ideas and pitch to editors, as well as inspirational talks about her journey to publication. She also does school visits. Other topics Annabel can speak on include living / moving abroad and expat life. She’s happy to give talks, take part in panel discussions and deliver workshops to a 16+ age range.

Contact email: bellkay@[yahoo].com (reomove square brackets before emailing.


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