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Andy McConnell


Andy McConnell is probably the world’s most-published author/writer about glassware, from ancient to modern. He was the first glass specialist recruited to BBC TV’s Antiques Roadshow & is about to start his 15th series.

He lectures widely on glass & writes for journals as diverse as The Times & Daily Telegraph, Country Life, Homes & Antiques & Glass Matters.

His most recent book, The Decanter, Ancient to Modern, tells the history of glassware from a ‘decanter perspective’. 535 pages, 165,000 words & 3,000+ examples illustrated [ACC, November 2018].

Andy is a witty, spontaneous speaker who is delighted to share his knowledge & enthusiasm for the subject with audiences. He says that his mission is to engage, entertain & educate. He has never delivered the same talk twice, doesn’t work from notes & rearranges his slides for every talk.

As he puts it, ‘I’m dead-serious about my subject, but a speaker’s primarily responsibility is to take the audience along for the ride. By the end of a talk, nobody should be left regretting their decision to abandon a comfy fireside armchair for a hard seat in a hall’.

Andy has Britain’s largest antique & vintage glass shop, Glass Etc, Antiques & High Class Junk, in his hometown of Rye, on the Sussex coast. He also owns around 25,000 pieces of glass & 30,000+ glass-related images, & admits that he needs all the help he can get!

Website address: decanterman.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andy.mcconnell.961

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/decanterman/


The Decanter, Ancient to Modern, [ACC, 2018].
20th Century Glass, [Miller’s, 2006].
The Decanter, An Illustrated History of Glass, [ACC, 2004].
100s of magazine, newspaper & journal articles, including obituaries for the Times & Daily Telegraph.

Synopses of books

The Decanter Ancient to Modern, [ACC 2018]. The result of 20 years of research, illustrating & writing. This 440-page tome tells the history of glassware & its social context.
20th Century Glass, [Millers, 2006]. The 20th century witnessed the greatest The-Decanter-Andy_McConnelltransformation in the role of glass since it was first created 6,000 years ago. Where glass had been once the preserve of the wealthy, industrialisation and the enrichment of the working classes combined a point where it was given away free at petrol filling stations. 254 pages, 2,000+ illustrations.
The Decanter, An Illustrated History of Glass Since 1650. [ACC 2004]. 575-pages, 2,500+ illustrations.

Literary Festival Appearances

Rye Festival, Southwold Festival, Bewdley Festival.
Keynote speaker: Queensland University of Technology.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Andy McConnell is the Antique Roadshow’s inimitable glass specialist.  Before joining the show in 2005, Andy had been a Hollywood-based rock journalist in the 1970s, a film producer in the ‘80s & general builder in the Dordogne in the ‘90s. Andy enjoys talking about both his life & wonder that is glass with his familiar irreverent humour & passion.

You Tube Videos


Contact email: andy@decanterman.com

Contact telephone: 07889 237 599



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