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Andrew Shaw


Andrew Shaw is former BBC reporter who gave it all up to travel to China to study the craft of jade carving. He has become a gold medal winning master carver and now lives with his wife in the city of Suzhou where they run a tea house and jade gallery.  Documentaries and TV programs are often made about him. He has collected a wealth of information about the modern jade industry unmatched in the Western world. There are a lot of people who know about ancient jades collecting dust in museums but no-one in the West knows more about the huge modern jade industry in China than he does.

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Jade Life: An Englishman’s love affair with China’s national treasure


Jade Life: An Englishman’s love affair with China’s national treasure

Jade is often thought of as something ancient and gathering dust in museums, but in China it is a vibrant part of modern life. More jade has been carved this century than in the rest of human history. For Chinese people, jade represents everything that is pure and noble,jade-life-andrew-shawand Andrew Shaw gave up his life in England to embrace it and became the only foreign master jade carver in China. Jade Life tells his story and the story of jade itself. His description of the jade industry today provides insights into the hearts of Chinese people and into how they have managed to turn a backwater state into a world superpower in less than three decades. Buy Jade Life online

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Awards & Prizes

Gold medal winning master jade carver. Award winning documentary maker.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

Andrew is an accomplished public speaker and broadcaster who divides his time equally between China and the UK. He often gives talks about jade and has recently addressed the Royal Asiatic Society on fakes and reproductions in the Chinese Jade Industry, given a lecture on Western jade carving techniques to the National Association of Chinese Collectors and attended the Bookworm Literary Festival in Beijing as a guest speaker. His years of experience as a reporter broadcasting live means that he is very comfortable in front of a microphone, camera or any audience, large or small.

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