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Born in 1973, Adrian read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Christ Church, Oxford before taking an MBA at Imperial College. After university he started buying British Rail lost property at auction and selling it at car boot sales around London, moved on to antiques, and eventually specialised in antiquarian books. He has supplied items to a broad range of clients, including the British Library and the Getty Museum.

His stock had strengths in rare early bibles and modern first edition novels, especially the works of J. K. Rowling. Adrian has sold several copies of the ultra-rare first hardback edition of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, a copy of which was adrian_greenwoodstolen while on loan to an art gallery in Woodstock, a theft reported in newspapers as far afield as Thailand. The book was eventually recovered by the police.

From 2005 Adrian branched out into antique taxidermy, classic cars and modern art, including works by Banksy.

Four years ago he retired to concentrate on his writing, and began his biography of Victorian general Sir Colin Campbell. His particular field of interest is nineteenth century British military history, and he is currently researching a major work on loot, plunder and battlefield souvenirs. Since the late 1990s he has contributed to numerous magazines, periodicals and newspapers from Autocar to Private Eye.

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Victoria’s Scottish Lion (The History Press Ltd). Publication: July 2015. ISBN 13: 9780750956857

Through Spain with Wellington: The Letters of Lieutenant Peter Le Mesurier of the ‘Fighting Ninth’. Edited by Adrian Greenwood. To be published by the History Press, December 2015.

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Synopses of books

Victoria’s Scottish LionFrom humble Glasgow beginnings, Colin Campbell rose to become Scotland’s finest general and a favourite of Queen Victoria. In his fifty-year career he fought through the Peninsula, the Crimea, China and India, and still found

time to contain a slave revolt, a Chartist revolution and Ireland’s Tithe War. Through a combination of personal courage, compassionate leadership and genius for military strategy he became an idol for the men who served under him. This undisputed hero, whose memory has grown faint beside celebrated warriors of the Victorian age, was a soldier ahead of his time – the first working-class field marshal, with strong humanitarian leanings and an instinct for harnessing the power of the press. In the first major biography of Campbell since 1880 his career is radically reinterpreted and the life of this very private man is revealed.

Through Spain with WellingtonA unique series of letters, never before published, covering the life and career of Peter Le Mesurier from 1808 to his death at the Battle of the through_spain_with_wellingtonNive in 1814. Gazetted into the ‘Fighting 9th’, Le Mesurier saw action from the earliest days of the Peninsular War almost to its end. Any unpublished letters from the conflict are scarce, but such an extensive collection, covering the Retreat to Corunna, the Walcheren Expedition, the Sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Burgos and San Sebastian, and the Battles of Salamanca, Vitoria, the Nivelle and the Nive, is rare indeed.

Pitch to Publishers & Festival Organisers

A lively and engaging speaker who delivers a fascinating, well-illustrated one hour talk on Campbell’s most famous exploit – the Relief of Lucknow. Reaction to his recent talk in London: “wonderful lecture”, “a brilliant evening”.

Literary Festival Appearances

Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall (private event).

Wantage (not just) Betjeman Festival 2015. Kilburn 2015.

Looe 2015.

Royal Greenjackets Museum.

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